I have been puzzling over Peerage in this story. On the one hand, I know how I want it to work. But on the other hand, I am doing research to see how it works in other countries. It is my story and I can actually make it work however I choose, but I don’t want to confuse my reader by being similar to current standards while breaking half the rules.

This has been very interesting research. I knew that as an American I really didn’t understand the peerage outside of queens and kings, man oh man was I right. I thought most to all of the titles followed birth lines, but that is the opposite of how it really works. I also knew that there were ties to land ownership but I wasn’t sure how these came to be.

I am happy to report that what I wanted to do with the peerage in my story is actually closer to reality than I ever imagined. So, I can now go full steam ahead with my ideas in this area knowing that any confusion will be because others are also uneducated in this area and that I need to make sure an explanation is woven into the story in a meaningful way.



I have been pondering what kind of role religion will play in this world. Every culture seems to have some kind of religion so I know there has to be one, or more, in this world. Not every character has to follow the same religion and while some may disagree with me, atheism is also a religion. Committing to not “believe” in a “god,” means that you are following the beliefs of those that choose to “not believe in a god.”

Characters in a story should be just as varied as the people in real life. Not everyone has the same type of childhood, skin color, parents, traditions, and beliefs.

Science has fundamentally altered how the people in my story live their lives. It has obtained a type of power over them. A religion based on science would be ideal for this world. Not every character will want to follow the established beliefs but it will guide how they were brought up and trained.

I also want to point what every writer faces at some time or another. Yes, I put a part of myself in stories but my values and beliefs are not those of every single character that I create.

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