Less than a month after I lost my sister, my father was hospitalized and almost did not make it. He spent six weeks in the hospital (all but five days in ICU) with two surgeries. It has taken a huge emotional and physical toll on our family. Because this happened so soon after losing my sister, we did not really have time to grieve. Now that we are going through her things and trying to get a headstone, it is finally becoming a reality.

While life changing events can give you great depths of emotion to pull from for your writing, they can also suck most of the life out of you for a time. I am starting to process things and finally be able to write again.

I forgot to send out a reminder about the summer hiatus, so I am attaching it at the end of this message.

The following are mini-breaks that blog will have extra Book Reviews or no posts due to my absence:

Last week of June to last week of July

Friday after Thanksgiving (US holiday on the last Thursday of November) to the first Friday of January (except for January 1)



I am suspending today’s post to honour my sister who passed away suddenly March 5. She had just turned 44 in January and this was nothing we had expected to happen.

Family gatherings will never be the same. She was quick-witted and kept ever moment from becoming too serious. If you pray, please remember my family as we adjust to the loss of a loved one.