I will be revisiting this topic every now and then as I continue to build this world.

Building a world evolves over time. Various things I create in the world sometimes have to be changed because I create something in a subplot that cannot exist in the current world. I am creating things right now that will become short stories, and they are changing the political and environmental structure that I thought I was going to use.

There will be some changes to the blog site while I experiment with how I can set up a section for the novel so that new followers will have a place to go for everything related to it. I am trying out adding a page as the go to for this novel. The title of the page will change until I settle on a final title, so keep that in mind if you follow it and it disappears from the site. Also, I am going to figure out how to have updates (only when it is specific to the novel), and then a sidebar that makes it easier for readers to find specific items. Again, this will be trial and error so things may come and go for a while.

I am also considering whether or not to put my outline, in part or whole, up on the site. There are several points to this consideration. 1) Do I want to share all of the details? 2) I could limit the outline to major points and not include specific details. 3) My outlines are very fluid and change many times during the actual writing so if I posted drafts one through three it could show some of my process while not providing all of the details to the story. 4) Would the sharing of the outline hinder the chance of publication down the road?

There are some key elements of my world that do not seem to work with the environmental out comes that I had planned. So, I have suspended, but not thrown out, a dome that was going to protect the citizens. I am not sure how to segregate various parts of the planet unless each city has its own dome, and I am not certain that is the effect I want.


Outlining . . . Again

I am returning to the topic of outlining because that is what I am going to focus on this week. When I began the novel, I was working off a very vague idea and just seeing where the story took me. At some point, I found my last paragraph for the novel but I still didn’t know how I was going to get to that point, so I kept writing.

Writing kept the words flowing and a subplot developed. I am at a point in the novel that if I do not flesh out my outline, it is liable to run away from me and that often leads to me cutting scenes that I have fallen in love with but they have to go because they lead no where. It is okay to let your outline change and grow, but it ultimately has to move the story forward toward an end, even if that end is different than what you thought it would be.

So, I am off to see how this outline will grow and what plot points emerge that I had not previously seen.