Flash Fiction

During my second degree, creative writing classes began taking a new approach and using Flash Fiction as a story form. Classes no longer concentrated on longer works that were critiqued in parts, but the super, short form called Flash Fiction was used as writing exercises and rarely developed beyond one reading or even a critique.

I am a novelist (not I want to be a novelist, I am one) and this form proved to be extremely difficult. It is hard work to craft a well written story in approximately 500 words. This is a form that I would like to develop more. It is very close to writing poetry; you get the ideas down on paper and then labor over each sentence. Every word becomes important. I struggle with containing an idea to this form since it is so short and making sure that it is a complete story. So, I am going to work on these with some areas of novel where I can build background that can be very interesting, but ultimately only used as a passing but important aspect of the novel.

We’ll see how it goes.