A Mixed Bag

This post is a little bit of a lot of different things. I didn’t make it an update because it does deal with writing and not simply house keeping on the blog.

I am finally getting back into more writing. It isn’t a set amount per day, but I am making progress. However, the current flow words are not related to the novel that this blog discusses. I do write fan fiction sometimes because you get to play with characters you love from books, movies, or TV shows. I will NOT be sharing any of these works here, nor will I give out any of my pen names for these works. Personally, I view fan fiction as a great honor that someone has created characters that are loved so much that we want their story to continue. It also allows you to go inside their heads and have a perspective that is not available in movies and TV shows (it is available in books).

Fan fiction should never make a profit because that is definitely over-stepping the copyright line. There are people who still put out a print version/magazine of fan fiction and there is a cost associated with these. Just because you pay for these, does not mean that they are making a profit. It costs money to print, sometimes they will pay for the artists for cover art, but a lot of that is donated. The quality of stories in these publications tends to run high.

Now that we have the internet, there are a number of repositories for these stories that cost nothing. Often you can donate, but that pays for the domain names, servers, and sometimes they have paid staff to run the website based upon how sophisticated it is. I will tell you that you can find some fantastic writing here, but there is also the some of the worst writing and you just have to ask yourself how that person could possibly put something up like that and ascribe their name/pen name to it.

Okay, the take away from that overly long ramble is that I am writing, even if it is not the novel represented here. Go me! (yes, that was necessary)

I am reading other blogs that discuss books and/or writing. One thing that seems to be consistent across the board is that they have guest blogs from authors that are doing blog tours. The frequency of the guest posts varies based on the individual blog and its typical content. Blogs that are more focused on book reviews have a higher number of these guests and ones that focus on writing vary from one a month to several times a year.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you would be receptive to having guest posts on this blog as long as they are related to the content that I present here based around writing and the topic of my novel (whatever writing venture I am working on at the time on this novel because in the future it may/probably will also contain fantasy and very slight possibility of paranormal romance).

The last bit of house keeping is that I am looking for an image for this blog instead of the random one provided for me. Does anyone have/know of an image that could be classified as “future medieval” or something you think would present the novel from the information I have provided so far. The image needs to be free at this point (some day I would like to be able to pay) and clearly states that I may use it on this blog without remuneration. If you are an artist that has something or would like to create something, I am more than happy to provide a link to your work and/or make a blog post dedicated to the image/artist.


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