Technology is one of the elements that make the difference between fantasy and SF. I have resolved to give up one of my fantasy elements as a major character and thus taking out the one thing that made this trilogy of stories a cross-over instead of pure SF. I prefer to us the initials SF because in my eyes my stories are more speculative fiction than they are science fiction. Characters drive the stories instead of the science behind it.

I am a bit of a tech geek, so researching and creating new technology is totally cool in my world. One of the things that I love about SF is that authors give you gems in the little things. I try to insert technology in the mundane routine of a character’s day without drawing a big star above it and saying, “Hey! Look at this, I’m using technology here.”

A great story will have the tech as a part of every day life. In the world that I am creating, technology has allowed the people to see what makes them sick (i.e. virus, bacteria) and they are able to combat most things so that they develop a phobia about getting sick. It is such a major fear that it drives the making of boundaries between towns, and health levels are strictly enforced. The society struggles with how to combat this fear by using technology to “see” everything that they can but still retain their humanity.

I now have a clear idea of how to separate the towns and cities, but my technology is not fleshed out. It would be great to have some comments with ideas of how this may happen.


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