Filling in the Gaps

While I have been world building, it has been messing with things already in place, ugh!

That opening scene that I mentioned finally working out . . . it didn’t fit with the new parameters for the city. So, after agonizing over how to make it right, I changed the city parameters AGAIN.

This question will probably be most relevant to SF writers: when do you call in the experts? By experts, I mean anyone that has vast knowledge and experience in a field.

The writer wants to be detailed enough in a scene for the reader to feel the experience but not be overwhelmed with a vast info dump. Our life experiences usually cover most things we need to know for a scene to feel real. However, there are still many things that crop up that we will never have had the opportunity to experience. Shooting a firearm is one that many writers come across and you are more likely to have more than one person in your audience that will know if you get it wrong.

Now, where this turns to a mostly SF audience is when you need a doctorate in physics or geology or meteorology. Because we build worlds that can be on the fringes of what our current science understands, it is a fine line to know when we can wing-it and just decide that is how our world is going to behave and when we should really pose an idea to an expert and see what they think should happen to achieve the effect you want.

After the many changes to my environment, I am on the fence about whether I need to hunt up an expert or not.


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