That annoying question we all dread. Yet our writing needs to be informed by that question even when the reader is not so enlightened.

I am tackling this question because three separate stories will now be a trilogy set in one universe. While I had my reasons for major parts/aspects of each story, I need to figure out how to modify each story to make it work with the elements of the other two stories. It is hard letting go of your babies when you realize that an element just does not have any relation to the other stories and keeping it in makes no sense.

Anchor and Syphon are two terms that I created for the first story. While they work together, there is no bond between them. I originally wanted the bond to be with a traditional creature of fantasy but that only worked for the first story. In the other two stories, the bond is created between the Anchor and Syphon. I do not want to give up my fantasy creature but it is just not working to have the end of story one move in a direction that will lead to story two. This creates a new why question that I never had any intention of either asking or knowing the answer to the question.

Many writers give the advice that you should just write the first draft all the way through and worry about the big picture later. For me, this seems a little fool hardy and allows me to wander down paths that lead no where because I have no idea where to go so I just keep wandering.


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