I Should Be Writing

Today’s title is both motivation and a podcast that I follow regularly. Mur Lafferty started the podcast when she was a “wanna-be fiction writer,” now she is a published author and was nominated for a Campbell Award.

Mur offers advice about the everyday life of a writer. I am inspired to continue writing when I listen to her because she shares real life struggles and you can relate to her in a down-to-earth way. Knowing that someone else struggles with the things life throws at you and still manages to write is a big confidence booster. She is my personal cheerleader when I know I should be writing but haven’t. Mur says okay, so now get back to writing.

There are plenty of blogs and podcasts out there that offer writing advice. I have listened to several and stored that information away. It resides in the back of my mind where it can either creep into the habits that I need or wait patiently for me to get to the point in my writing where it applies to me. I never take writing advice that says this is the only way to do something. I am a unique person and my writing process is what works for me, which is often NOT what most people say you should do.

I love my goal of one paragraph a day. There is no stress that I haven’t written yet because there is still plenty of time to get just one little paragraph down on paper. I hope everyone is still meeting their goals, and check out I Should Be Writing to get motivation to work through the tough times.


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