Writing Goals

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Do you set writing goals?

I do not make New Year’s resolutions because I feel that it sets unrealistic goals for me. Notice the “I” and “me” in that sentence. You are free to set whatever resolutions you like, I am only referring to what has and has not worked for me on a personal level.

Now that things are settling down a little, I want to set some goals for the year. If you have a family, things will always be busy and you will have to find and set aside a time for your writing if you really want to write. I can say that when you are dealing with serious medical issues, it doesn’t matter when you plan things because plans will always change. A call to say they are going to the hospital can come at the start of your writing time, or at midnight, that can make your sleep time have to take the place of writing time. In these circumstances, you spend a little more time on the mental writing if possible, and actual writing is done whenever it happens. Loved Ones are always more important than your writing time because you never know how many more of those moments you will have left.

My goals are generally small, so that I have a better chance of succeeding. When I was in college, I used to set goals each semester. I would look back at the semester that just ended and see how far I made it on those goals. Then, I would look at where I need to make changes and try to set one or two goals to cover them. I did not meet a lot of my goals, but I can say now that it had a lot to do with my failing eyesight. If I had had alternative techniques, I would have been able to keep up with my reading, and that would have went a long way in helping me to reach my goals.

I am going to commit to writing one paragraph a day. This small goal will allow me to get back into the rhythm of writing on a daily basis. It will also allow extra time to do any research, world building, or working on the outline as it changes.

So, here is a toast to any readers that I have still following this blog, and I hope you have a good year and success with your own writing goals.


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