As you have noticed, there have been no posts for quite some time. We decided to change internet providers, and have since learned our lesson. AT&T Uverse has a lot of infrastructure improvements to make. I spent so much time on the phone with them, that I should have had employee benefits. There were no posts because it took over two days to send plain text emails, and all the time I spent reporting our problems, did not leave any time for writing.

Also, during this time a family member that has been in and out of the hospital for the last eighteen months passed away. This family member will be missed, but it is a relief to not see them in pain and miserable and not be able to do anything to make it better. I pray that they are in a better place. The other family member that has cancer is currently cancer free. We find out in January if this is still true.

The good news is that after a month of horrendous service, we switched back to our cable provider, upgraded the internet, added phone, and pay $30 less a month.

If you actually read this, a new post will also be coming today.


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