Book Review

City of Thieves
David Benioff

This was one that the library sent me, so I listened to the summary and decided to give it a try. (The Library of Congress has a division known as the National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. They in turn have state branches and the larger states have sub regional libraries. Each of these libraries maintains the list of qualified patrons and creates reading lists based on subjects you select on your application. The selections are mailed to patrons on digital cartridges. For more information on this service:

I have not read many novels with a Russian theme and found this one to be a hidden gem. Almost like a Joe Haldeman novel, it never reached out and grabbed you, but you kept on reading. The premise of a colonel looking for eggs during war-time seemed ridiculous, but it only served as a plot line to follow through the story.

Once you are acquainted with the characters, you find them interesting and funny. The descriptions bring a unique flavor and provide just the right amount of details for you to feel the setting without being overly distracted by it. Again, it was a read that kept you going to the next page and provided humor along the way.


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