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In past blog posts, I have included links that were relative to the post. However, the links did not end up in the side bar where they should have. This post will be a mini recap of just to bring everyone back up to speed with new area on the blog. It will be placed in the UPDATE category even though it is more of a house cleaning post.

This is a writing program designed by a writer. It is my favorite app for organizing and working on my novel. You can always just use a word processor and excel to keep track of your writing, but Simon (the software programmer) has combined everything into an easy to use program that gives you various ways to display your information. He is excellent about responding to and fixing accessibility issues.

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You will see these initials mentioned occasionally on the blog, and they stand for National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. This is a division of the Library of Congress. They provide audio books and periodicals to US citizens that are blind or have a physical handicap that prevents them from holding a book or turning pages (i.e. cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s), and even though not in the title it includes people with other reading disabilities such as dyslexia or brain injuries that prevent the person from processing visually the printed word. Information about eligibility is listed on the site and if you know someone who is elderly and you see that there is not allowing them to read like they should, please contact NLS about enrolling them.

This is a free service that offers over 200 local and national newspapers and magazines. It can be accessed over the phone, through email, on the web, through an iPhone app, and several different accessible devices. For writers, this adds easy access to Poets and Writers.

I love this site; it provides insightful articles that really inspire the writing mind.

These links will be posted on the side bar now. Also, I am going to remove the 2012 Goodreads Reading Challenge. It fails to update and it is a lot of work to make it regenerate code and then replace on this site every time I finish a book. My currently reading list will remain up because it does update correctly. If you are actually interested in keeping up with my stats on the challenge, I believe that you can see this on the Goodreads site when you click on my currently reading list.