The good news is that I am trying to move into some paid work (building and maintaining websites). The bad news is that our household is still experiencing medical issues and we have about twenty doctor appointments a month. So, in order to have an actual paying job, this blog is going to have to move to bi-weekly (every other week) posts. I do not want to give up this blog, and I do not want it to fall into sporadic updates. Plus, if I am going to do a blog, I want the posts to be quality work.

I was going to wait to post this until it was closer, but starting with the Friday after Thanksgiving (US holiday on the last Thursday of November) I will suspend posts or give you some backed up book reviews until the first Friday in January (except where that happens to be January 1). Also, the post before these mini breaks, I will add a REMINDER at the end of the post that includes both yearly breaks so that new readers will know what is happening if they have recently joined.

Sorry for the bad news, but the good news is that you keep regular updates coming and you have more time for your other endeavors.

The following are mini-breaks that blog will have extra Book Reviews or no posts due to my absence:

Last week of June to last week of July

Friday after Thanksgiving (US holiday on the last Thursday of November) to the first Friday of January (except for January 1)


Book Review

Mary Ohara
My Friend Flicka

The classic story of an aimless teenager, a demanding father, and a spirited horse — now a major motion picture from Twentieth Century Fox

A daydreamer and a time waster, young Ken McLaughlin spends his days on his family’s Wyoming ranch with his head in the clouds, surrounded by endless blue skies, wide-open spaces, and beautiful horses. To his brusque, practical father, the boy is an enigma and a disappointment. Then one day, Ken’s life is filled with new purpose when he finds Flicka, a magnificent filly as wild as she is fast. Though the strong bond between boy and horse only fuels his father’s disdain, Ken’s growing love for his friend Flicka is changing him — leading a once-aimless young man down the path to responsible adulthood, forging a new respect and understanding between father and son, and inspiring a fierce loyalty that nearly costs Ken his life.

Through his intense devotion to the filly Flicka, a young boy, living on a Wyoming ranch, begins to learn about responsibility and gain a better understanding of his brusque father.

This book is a favorite from childhood. I originally read it in print (and love the movie, too), so it was nice to try it in an audio format. Sometimes, when you switch to audio, the narrator can really ruin a beloved story, but not this time.

It is definitely an early YA book. Every child that has ever wanted a horse should give this one a read. Boys will probably identify with the father/son relationship, but girls will understand the love of a horse even though it may never be tamed. There is a gradual change and maturity that Ken grows into that can only be seen at the end of the book.

If you are in the mood for a heart-warming read, this is the ticket. Otherwise, for adult readers, you may want to gravitate toward something a little more . . . shall we say adult.