Book Review

David Baldacci
Wish You Well

This was for an online book club that I am participating in through The Hadley School for the Blind. All books in this club are in accessible format somewhere.

I read some YA fiction, but usually only if it has been recommended to me because I generally like a darker story. This was an enjoyable read, even though I did not catch all of the time period references. Since I am used to reading SF and Fantasy most of the time, the references to historical events went unnoticed because a well written story makes me believe that this is how the author created the world. Thanks to “club” aspect, I learned that this was set during WWII and that led to most of the men in the story being either too young or too old to go off to war.

The story is set in the rural mountains and isolated from current events. The isolation is what led me to be immersed in the world and only the things that the author created. The main character has a strong female personality, which I think is key for the target audience. The two children that we follow are strangers to their grandmother’s rural world and that gives the reader the perspective of having the same knowledge as the character. They face three tragedies in their short lives, and that makes their world come alive with emotion.

I would consider this a sentimental story with tough edges. Sentimental is not always bad if that is what you are looking for, and this one adds just enough grit to make it stick.


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