Trilogies. Oh, My!

When I first started working on novels (there is more than one idea in the percolator), I never intended to write a trilogy. My only thoughts on the idea were that when I actually get a contract, that I will not commit to any number of books beside the one in question but, that I would agree to give that publisher first chance at any stories or novels that might be set in the same world.

So thought I.

If you read my previous rant about my Muse, then you know that the story I thought I was writing is not going to be the story that I am writing, and that three separate stories are now part of the same world. Confused yet? Yeah, so am I.

Now that the three stories will all be set in the same world, I have to take a hard look at some of the elements that I wanted in this first book to see if they really fill a role in the over-all arc. The answer is: I am not sure. I love how each of the three stories will show changes in the society, and feed off of the ending that I originally had planned for the first book. And it looks like I am going to fore go the non-magical dragons that were a key element. The problem is that I don’t really see the role that these dragons play in the first book as serving any purpose in book two and three.

If they go, I will have to come up with a new opening scene, again.


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