Exciting Re-Write

Re-writing anything is usually not very exciting. I was dreading re-writing my opening scenes because of the new changes my Muse came up with last week.

My original opening included all of the “must haves” for an opening that will grab your reader’s attention and keep them turning the page. It introduced the main character, contained dramatic action, and set up a mystery that made the reader ask “Who are ‘they’?”

I actually worked the second scene first, and contemplated if it should become the new opening scene. My biggest drawback to making it the opening scene was that it introduced a prominent minor character first. It did include the partner to the protagonist, but that person would not show up until at least scene three. That really bothered me, and I kept thinking that if I was the reader, I would wonder why the first character introduced doesn’t show up again until chapter three. So, I was almost ready to head back to the drawing board.

Then, I decided to look at the key information from the opening scene and see if it could be re-worked to fit my new information. Let’s just say that I am now a very, happy camper. This scene is more engaging than the original, and sets up TWO mysteries to keep the reader wondering. And, how cool is it to have a hidden skeleton that the protagonist brings flowers?


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