The Fickle Muse

The Muse is often a controversial subject. To me, it is simply my imagination that fuels my writing. She, I assume because I am also female (though if I were going to have a visual representation, a nice piece of man candy is always lovely to stare at, LOL), does not speak to me as if I am hearing voices. I do not perceive her to be any kind of spirit that guides me and tells me what to do. She is simply inspiration that can strike at the most annoying of times.

So, this post was originally going to be a rant about my Muse. I have decided what novel I am going to work on and post about on the blog and that is what I have been working through. Well, there are a couple of other “novels,” or maybe I should call them novel starts, that are hanging around until they have enough of a plot worked out to warrant working on them. They are more than a quick idea that was jotted down but they do not have enough information to know that they are going some where that would be worth pursuing as a finished novel.

Now here is the rant part. My Muse decided to combine two of these novel starts and fill in some of the motivations that would allow me to actually start an outline and writing on the novel. She was extremely annoying by giving me information that was filling in the major gaps that had kept me from spending time on writing either of them, and I did NOT want to work on this other novel because I have committed to the one I am writing about here. Ugh!

That was the planned rant on my Muse, however, she decided to turn things around and fix the problem she had caused with the plot hole fixes on the novel I was NOT working on. I am no longer mad at her, and the novel I was NOT working on took a twist and has filled in some missing motivations that I was struggling with on the novel I AM working on. Plus, as an added bonus, the two novel starters that had morphed into one novel that was finally going somewhere is now back into two but they have the potential for being additional novels set in the universe that I AM working on.

How cool is that?

I know that I have been talking about this novel in very vague terms at this point, and the reason is that the working title is so generic that I do not want to use it on this site where it would cause more confusion down the road. Also, I have some things that are planned around this novel that will be released on the blog as bonus material. Hopefully, I will have some things nailed down in the near future to be able to give them official working titles and a way to organize them here so that they can be found easily at any time in the future, and the cool bonus material will start showing up.

Let me know what you think about the “muse” idea and whether you have your own muse.


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