Book Review

Marcelo in the Real World
Francisco X. Stork

This was a very interesting read that had a very unexpected twist at the end. The description of the book had intrigued me because it was about an autistic boy. Autism has is a vast and varied syndrome that is still a mystery to science. Most of the book is about this boy being pushed into the real world to see how he copes and if he can make it.

It is a book of fiction and told from the perspective of the autistic boy. He struggles with knowing that his brain works different from other people and how this makes him feel or his lack of emotions that cause him to ponder every aspect of life. The joy comes from seeing the boy realize his differences and while not trying to be “normal” but trying to understand how other people process things and what reactions they expect so that he can accurately convey his side of things.

The twist at the end is the culmination of learning how Marcelo perceives things and how we, as non-autistic individuals, would have responded to the situation that he found himself in.


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