Writing Advice

I try to keep my eyes, ears, and fingers tuned to catch writing advice when I see it. The number one piece of advice that raises my hackles is when someone shares their pearls of wisdom and tells you to “write what you know.” Well, if that is all writers ever did, they would never grow and their imagination would be so stifled that we would never the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Speculative Fiction, and Mysteries, Detective, Horror, and Historical would all be limited to writers that work in those areas or lived during the historical period represented.

When you write the things that you do NOT know, you have to really think about what the character is going through. For me, this helps me to not skip over the important elements that will make the emotions and experiences come alive for the reader. Because you do not know exactly how something feels, you spend more time analyzing it and doing research if needed.

I will not be doling out advice in this blog; there are plenty of places for you to look for writing advice. Personally, I listen to one writing podcast and The Writer magazine (the only one available through NLS, but you can have access to Poets and Writers through NFB-Newsline) and that is enough to filter in tidbits of advice and keep me updated in general about the writing world.


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