Book Review

Robert J. Sawyer
DB 65445

This was a fascinating journey about questioning one’s identity. Sawyer asks the questions that we all want answers to. He crafts a story that keeps you asking more questions and hoping you are going to get answers even though the book deals with some ethical issues that can only be answered by the reader for themselves.

A book for almost everyone. It has ethics, law, politics, adventure, space, time, and little sex thrown in for good measure. The sex is more for theoretical thinking than for titillation. What does one feel when the body they are in is synthetic? If you make a copy of your mind, can you take it back? What if your copy wants to be its own person? What if you signed away the right to your personhood?

This is definitely a book for deep thinking. The relationships let you both sides to every question, and while there is a conclusion to the story, it never tells you what the right answer is because you have to weigh the evidence yourself.


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