Book Review

Brave Men Run
Matthew Wayne Selznic

I listened to this as an audio book that was read by the author. Of course, since he is the author, his insight into the “voice” of the characters really made a difference. There is a subtle difference between narrators that are really good who understand the book to a degree that makes it come alive and the voice that the author heard in their head the entire time of writing the book.

The main character has a unique depth that shows his age while transcending beyond that to the emotions that go far beyond what can be contained in the small number of years that a high schooler has lived. There is a fine line in calling this a YA novel. In my opinion, I would reserve it for an older teenager and up. The level of violence is something a parent should consider if their child is ready to read. This level can vary wildly because of the amount of violence that can be seen in prime time television and video games. However, I know that there are parents that regulate when their child views certain kinds and how much violence they are exposed to so it should be previewed by those parents.

Now for adults, the violence fits the story and it is merely a preference of your taste for violence. There is gratuitous cussing, but only to the extent that kids of this age tend use such words. Because it is a compelling read, the transition to swearing every sentence threw me for a moment until I stopped and remembered the characters age. I can clearly remember the year in middle school where cussing every other word (while at school only) was automatic. So, gratuitous in this case is a good thing.

The reason and types of altered humans is interesting and as I have already said, it was a compelling read. The identity of crisis of the “other” was explored on a level geared to a YA audience but many adults will enjoy the pure “fun” of reading (or listening) to this novel.


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