Starting Over

I have a novel that is already in progress but I have reached a point where some of the background needs to be worked out in order to move forward. I have heard of several authors that have scrapped (not gone but no longer being edited) a novel and started the writing over at the beginning. I am not going to “scrap” what I have, but I am going to look at the novel in more of a 3D view to fill things out and make the world that my characters live in to feel real.

This has been a sticking point for me because I did not want to start over. Well, the time I have wasted on NOT starting over probably amounts to the same time it would have taken to begin again at least twice.

So, I am going to bring you along on this journey of discovery, and hopefully, accomplishment by finishing this novel and marketing it.

I have gathered all of the various files, picked up a new piece of software that will help me “see” some things that I used to make sketches of, and I am plugging them into the various places so that I can finally start again.


Social Media

Sorry for the delay, but there have been computer technical difficulties. They still are not fixed, though I managed a work around to bring this to you.

The vast amount of social media and marketing opportunities is staggering. Every day I hear that authors should have this account and that account, post here, tweet there, and plus this (whatever that is). So, I am revising my strategy for marketing at the same time that I am writing. Instead of trying to cover the “must have” social outlets, I am going to concentrate on making this blog the best it can be with plenty of interactive elements. There will be a Facebook page that is basically a mirror of the content here so that I can reach people that live there and rarely visit the blog.

After I have conquered those two areas, the rest will come as it feels natural to be added as an elemental part of the online experience around the book. I am open to hearing how others use social media and how they would like to be able to interact in a world from a novel.