Book Reviews

From time to time, I will be posting information about the latest book that I have been reading. They will be tagged “Book Review” even though they are just things that I observed while reading the book.

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Let the experimenting begin!

This blog will be my virtual kick in the pants to up my writing. The new marketing strategies start while you are still working on the novel. I have a novel that I have been working on for quite some time in small amounts. It has reached the point that I need to make some definite decisions about where it is going before it wanders so far away that it becomes lost.

One of my stumbling blocks is that I began this project as a mostly sighted person. My vision has reached the point that I need to change how I am managing the various notes of a novel from hand written notes and being able to easily flip through things for the information to a totally digital project that is easily followed without visual ques. This will not be the focus of this blog, but as a blind writer, it cannot be ignored either.

I will occasionally talk about some of the resources I have found and how they are helping me; however, this is not a review blog either.

So, what is this blog? I am going to sharing with you the excitement, challenges, and even some blog exclusives for the novel I am currently working on. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ride and look forward to each new post.