The Beginning

I have been planning this for a while and it is time that I finally commit and get started. The world of marketing your book has changed drastically from the “good old days” of traditional publishing. Okay, I am too young to think fondly of the old days and don’t have a “book” published yet, but I am ready to embrace the “New Marketing.”

There is a vast array of information available to writers with access as close as your desk. One of the big things that authors are learning now is that they must start marketing well before the book is ever published, whether self-publishing or going the “traditional” route. Unfortunately, there is no traditional route any more. Publishers want you to have a platform so that you can guarantee them sales, but you can’t get a platform if you do not have a product. In the non-fiction market, this means you need to be an established expert in whatever you want to write about. The expert part comes before the writer part. For fiction writers, one used to go the route of selling short stories to magazines, and then you could work on selling your novel. The economy has shrunk the world of magazines so this is now a harder market to sell your fiction.

The good news in this depressing post is that the digital age has risen, the markets that it threatened are turning over new leaves and opportunities are what you make of them.

NOTE: The layout and color scheme of this may continually change until I have mastered the finer points of wordpress to use my own html.


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